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The Secrets of Steinway - Free Workshop

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Steinway has been hand making the world's finest pianos for over 160 years and inside each Steinway lies the secrets to its legendary tone, touch and investment value.

Join Bob Snyder, Senior District Manager for Steinway & Sons New York as he reveals the major components and patented processes that have made Steinway the piano by which all other pianos are judged.  It's a fascinating look at the uncompromising craftsmanship that masterfully assembles over 12,000 parts to create a handmade Steinway & Sons piano.

11:00am Saturday June 28th
Heritage Towne Centre (Next to Ashley Furniture, across from Costco)
#76 Heritage Gate SE
Calgary, AB T2H 3A7
Toll Free 1-844-298-7888
(403) 460-7888

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