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Handpicking a New Steinway for the Mount Royal University Conservatory

On April 24th, Paul Dornian, Director of the Mount Royal University Conservatory, Kevin Anderson, Manager of Steinway Piano Gallery in Calgary, and Steinway Artist Yuja Wang, went all the way to Hamburg Germany to select a very special new Steinway Model D-274 Concert Grand Piano for the Bella Concert Hall on the Mt. Royal University Campus in Calgary.

Paul Dornian, Steinway Artist Yuja Wang, excited about the upcoming tour of the Steinway & Sons Hamburg Factory.

Paul Dornian, Garrit Glaner Concert & Artist relations for Steinway & Sons Hamburg. Checking out the inner and outer rim of a Steinway to be.

Rim bending machine Patented June 22, 1880. It’s the same today as it was then.

Kevin Anderson, Manager Steinway Piano Gallery Calgary. Discovering the amount of tension it takes to bend a single ply of rock hard Maple. There are 17 of these used in the creation of the rim of a Steinway & Sons Model D-274.

The selection of the piano was made by Steinway Artist Yuja Wang, who will be performing in the Bella Concert Hall on September 30th as part of the Opening Festival which begins September 19th and runs through October 3rd. The Steinway will be publicly played on for the first time on July 18th.

Selection room at Steinway & Sons Hamburg. The D-274 chosen for Mt. Royal University was just one of seven lined up for selection that day.

Paul Dornian (Director, Mt. Royal Conservatory), Yuja Wan (Steinway Artist), Kevin Anderson (Manager Steinway Piano Gallery Calgary).

Yuja Wang sitting at “the chosen” D-274.

Paul Dornian with Garrit Glaner explaining the process of selection and shipping to Canada.

In the meantime, the new Steinway, along with over seventy other pianos, will spend the next couple of weeks adjusting to the new climate-controlled centre. Congratulations to the Mount Royal University Conservatory! We can’t wait to hear it.

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