Steinway & Sons

Essex - Grand Pianos

Designed in their entirety by Steinway & Sons, these surprisingly affordable grand pianos offer owners a fully satisfying musical experience and a beautiful addition to their homes.  The sound these pianos produce is full and rich due in part to the innovative shape and design of the solid‑spruce soundboard; and the low-tension scale results in a lengthy sustain in addition to its warm, rich, colorful, and fully pleasing tone.

The responsive all-wood action is the result of the incorporation of its Steinway-designed geometry, and the completely secure foundation upon which it is regulated.  Essex grand pianos are simply a joy to play.

And these beautiful pianos are built to last.  Essex grand pianos feature a low-tension scale, ensuring that the soundboard will last longer and work more efficiently than would otherwise be the case.  The bracing system ensures structural integrity, resulting in the confident expectation that these musical instruments will be enjoyed for a lifetime.

Essex Piano Features Video

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